Sustainable forest management and trade supported by SECO

This website provides a framework for consultation and information on the activities supported by the State Secretariat for Economy (SECO) as part of its programme of "economic cooperation", specifically in promoting trade in tropical timber and non-timber forest products from sustainable sources. This service is the competence centre of the Swiss Federal Administration for sustainable economic development, and the integration of less developed and transition countries into the world economy. This website is designed and updated by Intercooperation, SECO's strategic partner in tropical forestry.

Let yourself be guided through the following topics

Who are the actors?
Why tropical forests?
Why incentives instead of bans?
What commitment?

Project examples:

Trade in sustainably produced tropical timber: poverty reduction and the conservation of tropical forests. A SECO commitment. SECO publication (English, Franšais, Deutsch)

Last update: 23.12.2013